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Hainan Wantai Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in2011Is a collection of housing construction, municipal construction, decoration, building materials and steel, project budget in one of the large construction engineering enterprises, registered capital is53168Ten thousand RMB。

The company has a grade I general contracting of construction projects and a grade I general contracting of municipal public works,Building decoration engineering professional contracting level 1, building curtain wall engineering professional contracting level 1, foundation engineering professional contracting level 1, fire facilities engineering professional contracting level 1, waterproof anticorrosion insulation engineering professional contracting level 1 and other qualifications,And passedISO9001Occupational health and safety management, environmental management, quality management three system certification。

The company has a complete organizational structure, with twelve departments including Comprehensive Department, Legal Affairs Department, Party and Mass Work Department, Human Resources Department, Engineering Management Department, safety production Department, Contract Budget Department, Financial Audit Department, engineering Department, Engineering Department, engineering Department, engineering Department, engineering Department, engineering Department, engineering Department, engineering Department, engineering Department。

The company develops talents as an enterprise"Source", pay attention to the process, scientific training, and promote the youth of enterprise personnel。Existing staff2000More than people, among whom have high and intermediate professional and technical titles200Yu Ren, first grade construction engineerMore than 50 people, more than 40 second-class construction engineers, formed a talent team with both mature experience and innovative vitality。

The company develops technology as an enterprise"Wing", since its establishment, has successively passed the "Long spiral pressure grouting concrete pile after grouting construction Method"A number of provincial construction methods such as the combination construction method for strengthening the construction quality of inclined roof, the construction method for lifting the operation platform of the fixed elevator shaft, the construction method for combining the hanging of the external decorative plain brick curtain wall, etc., these new technologies and new processes are widely used in the construction of various projects under the premise of scientific management and strict control。Many projects undertaken by the company have also been awarded"National Construction project construction safety production Standardization site", "Hainan Province Construction safety and civilization standardization site", "Green Island Cup", "Coconut City Cup", "Provincial Quality Structure Project" and other awards。

In recent years,Hainan Province大力Promoting green building initiatives,High standard development of prefabricated buildings and green buildings,It is necessary for Hainan to build a pilot free trade zone and a free trade port with Chinese characteristics。面对Hainan Province in the prefabricated building policy system, standard formulation, production capacity layout and other aspectsA series of requirementsHainan Wantai active layout, marchPrefabricated building市场,Share investmentDing 'an Green building integrated technology Co., LTDInvestment and constructionHainan green construction assembly industrial base, in-depth practiceGreen building action

公司At the same time of rapid development,Innovate working ideas, strengthen mechanism construction, attach importance to the leading role of corporate culture, give play to the positive role of group organizations in caring for employees and enriching their leisure cultural life, create a good working, learning and living atmosphere for all employees, and enhance the sense of belonging of employees。

2018The company set up the party branch, with the mission as the fundamental driving force, and always adhere to the party building to lead the leapfrog development of enterprises。The company takes party building work as the starting point, ideological construction as the guide, and consolidating grass-roots party building as the guarantee, actively explores and innovates the working methods of party building, builds Party organizations to the site, and organizes party members and workersWe will guide Party members to take on heavy burdens in key projects, key posts and urgent, difficult and dangerous tasks and set an example。"To ensure that the project is excellent with the branch, to win the development of the company with the project",公司Always adhere to the business expansion, where the Party organization will be built, where Party members and workers go, where the Party's work will be carried out,公司Strive for all projects under construction to achieve full coverage of Party organizationsParty building and enterprise development go hand in hand。

Through trade unions,公司Focusing on the interests of employees and caring for employees, Wantai Badminton Club was established, and staff travel group construction activities were organized to enrich the leisure cultural life of employees, promote the cultural construction of enterprises, and give full play to the role of trade union organization as a bridge and bond。

此外,公司Earnestly fulfill corporate responsibility and humanistic careActively participate in the field of social public welfare such as caring for the elderly, precise poverty alleviation, caring for students, medical and environmental protection。So far, cumulative社会Over donate200Yuan, public welfare projects cover more than population1万人。

Based on the present, innovative future。Wantai promises to create the best project with the best team and the best service。Always uphold"Integrity, pragmatism, innovation and progress" is the enterprise purpose, "partnership, communication, inclusiveness and win-win" as the grand goal of enterprise development, and constantly participates in urban construction, takes truth, pragmatism, innovation and development as its responsibility, and actively responds to and practices the development strategy of the great "Chinese Dream"。